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About Us

Diff'rent Wirld Studio and Productions is a recording studio and production company located in the 14th fastest growing community in the US, Spring Hill, TN just outside of Nashville. It is a residential facility with a large main room that serves as the control area as well, and an  iso room, capable of tracking drum kits, acoustic instruments and vocals. Much care was taken in the build out to create a sonically accurate recording environment while also designing a truly inspiring space to dream, create, write and record in. The rooms have a very artistic, industrial/loft feel.

The owners and operators, Lang & Renee Bliss, have developed their vision for the studio and it's productions based on over 20 years of their own experience in the music industry working with such artists, labels and companies as: Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith, Alex Harvey, Chris Eaton, Rich Mullins, Geoff Moore & The Distance, Ceili Rain, Rocketown Records, Reunion Records, REX Records, EMI, BMG, Curb, Chrysalis Publishing, and Onstage Success to name a few. Through their recording, live performance, production, and song writing experiences, they have refined and continue to expand, their standards and goals and have a calling to help other artists develop their gifting, talent and vision.

Services Offered
We offer a variety of services for artists, including recording, song writing/co-writing and arranging, drum tracks recorded in the studio for your project and live music producing. When it comes to the recording piece, we help artists with the process from song development and choice, all the way through to recording and mixing a single song or full project that can then be taken to a mastering engineer and from there, if desired, to manufacturing of cd's for sale. We hire the musicians if you need them, the vocalists, take care of the accounting process, etc., all of the work involved in a recording. We offer a songwriting course that's listed in the menu items at the top of the page and those tabs give more detail into what's involved. We can also work with you on your live show performance. We have a lot of relationships with other music business related companies who do everything from, mastering, web and graphic design, career consultation, to personal assistant business operations. It really comes down to the need of the particular artist.  Please e-mail us or call for further info.

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