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The Course and Testimonials

A Quick Overview of The Process and Goals:


  • I help the artist/writer begin to write based upon creating...

an awareness of their influences and how those influences help and/or hinder them. The singer’s range and skill are used to help determine melody and harmony structure creation. As their vocal skills develop, or they become more aware of how their voice is utilized in the creation of melody, their melody writing will reflect that.


  • I help the artist/writer  learn... 

how to write great songs so that they can transcend the borders of style. Style can become a hindrance to successful songwriting when it begins to dictate a formula to be followed based upon a pre determined “sound”; often based upon favorite artists, songs, etc. A well written song though, will “work” in a number of styles.

  • I help the artist/writer  progress...

from where they are in their current songwriting skill and act as a “sounding board” and sometimes as “co-writer” to help them achieve a higher level of knowledge and success.

Here are some of the topics covered in the course:

  • Forms-conventional and unconventional 

  • Arrangement-melodic, harmonic, rhythmic

  • Lyric content-story and narrative

  • Creating Tension and Release-both musically and lyrically

  • Content Creation-melody, harmony and rhythm

  • Building Hooks into your songs


Student Quotes


"This course was fantastic! It opened my eyes to facets of songwriting I'd never considered. It moves you beyond "just-winging-it" songwriting, to giving you practical tools to craft much better songs—and know why they are much better. The course will cause you to listen to music in a different way. I now find myself actively listening to the radio and breaking down the techniques used in songs worthy enough to be sent through the airwaves. Jam-packed with inspiration and hands-on guidance, this course will make any writer walk away with more confidence in their craft and who they are as an artist."

                                                                                                                                                 Ryan Long-independent songwriter and worship  leader

"Working with Lang was the best thing that ever happened to my songwriting. He opened a whole new world of perspective and helped me fast forward my writing process. I feel like I can finally convey the concepts I've been trying to convey for so long! Plus, he helped me believe in myself and the gift that God has given me in my craft. That is priceless." 

Angela Stevens-independent artist and speaker


"Lang challenges you to develop your writing by asking questions that make you think, and offering constructive criticism. Through my sessions with Lang, I have been able to to give my songs universal appeal without losing the integrity of my message. I would recommend this company to any aspiring songwriter."

Temperance Babcock-independent artist


"Working with Lang has been an amazing experience. I've gained so much knowledge from his songwriting course which has taught me how to tell a story within a song."

Caroline Dare-independent artist


"I've really enjoyed the songwriting course. I feel so confident now to work with other writers and in my own work. I appreciate you so much and of course, I will tell others about you!"

Dallas Remington-independent artist



“Taking this songwriting course with Lang is one of the best decisions I’ve made in the start of my music career. For a long time I had been struggling to write songs and I knew that in order to be a “great” artist I needed to write “great” songs but I all I could seem to write were “okay” ones with a general meaning. Through this 10 session course, Lang taught me how to take an idea and transform it into a “great” song and to dig below the surface and write in a successful way that is true to who I am. He is a phenomenal teacher, explains concepts clearly, and is so easy to work with! This course was worth every cent!”

Kaylyn Sahs-independent artist 


"I did this course and came out with absolutely killer songs. Thanks Lang Bliss!"

Alex Mills-independent artist

" This class was incredible. I learned so much about crafting my thoughts into words and pairing them with melodies. I will definitely recommend this to songwriters of all levels!"

                                                                                                                                                                          TJ Bliss-worship leader/independent artist

"This class was super in depth and focused. I learned a lot about how the music I listen to influences the music that I write. Extremely helpful overall.

                                                                                                                                                                    Madaline Garcia-worship leader/independent artist

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