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The Studio


What We Do
We offer a variety of services for artists, including solo and band recording, song writing/co-writing and arranging, and custom drum tracks and background vocals. When it comes to the recording process, we help artists from song development and choice, all the way through to recording and mixing a single song or full project. The final mixes can then be taken to a mastering engineer and from there, if desired, to manufacturing of cd's for sale. We hire the musicians and vocalists (if you need them), take care of the accounting process, etc., ... all of the work involved in a recording.  We have a lot of relationships with other music business related companies who do everything from, mastering, web and graphic design, career consultation, to personal assistant business operations.We love working with artists and if we can help you,  please contact us here.


Gear List

Avid Carbon Interface


Dangerous D Box+ Monitoring

UA 4-710d Mic preamp


Behringer X32


Pro Tools 2021


Neumann, Mojave, Audio Technica, Audix, Shure mics


Mackie HR824 monitor speakers

Behringer Powerplay  16 Personal Monitoring System


Gretsch USA Custom  Drum Kit, Pearl Drum Kit, Zildjian Cymbals, Dream Cymbals, 14" djembe, Taylor 6 String Acoustic, Alvarez 12 String Acoustic, various percussion instruments


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