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Some of our Recording Clients...

Somedays artwork.jpg

Jason Minton

Independent Artist


Lang & Renee,
What can I say... this project is monumental! You made it easy for me and it sounds great! The world should share in my joy...
God bless!

Francine Leclair-CD cover.jpg

Francine Leclair

Independent Artist


Of course none of this would be the way it is without Mr. Lang Bliss at Diff'rent Wirld Productions.
Something amazing happened to me when working on this album. I found my real voice. Lang is able to hear and see the potential in a song and in an artist. He heard my sound and with a bit of explaining, he was able to hear what I hear in my head for each song, the parts and pieces of the orchestration for each song. His contribution has made these songs bigger than I ever imagined. Thanks for your contribution Lang. You are a true artist and you have my utmost respect.


Adam & Lisa
Independent Artist

One of my favorites is I Ain’t Givin “ Up On Jesus because I love what it says and I am a huge fan of Roy Rogers and the old western tunes from the B movies. I think the beginning of the song sounding like an old radio and mentioning Foy Willing (and the Riders of the Purple Sage) is just plain fun. I have signed photo of Foy Willing so I love that Lang found that.


All the songs were a joy to sing because of the styling Lang Bliss gave them.


Debut - EP.jpg

Chandler White
Independent Artist

Thanks for being such an incredible help as a producer/co-writer and mentor to a 17 year old kid with a dream.



Pointe Blank
Independent Artist

Pointe Blank was in need of artist development and Lang, what you did, exceeded our expectation, by far! I cannot even begin to explain what we learned! From the beginning of the song development process, to the very end, every step was nurtured with a genuine concern and care for our product and mission. We absolutely loved the vibe of your studio!

The clean environment, contemporary decor and amazing hospitality, made it easy to relax and focus on our project! 

Much thanks to you and Renee for your expertise, professionalism, and now friendship!


Kimberley Dahme
Independent Artist
Bassist for the band Boston

They say it's my birthday and out of all of the choices I wanted to spend it here in the studio with Lang and his beautiful family. I'm so blessed to be in the midst of such fine talent. I thank You, Lord above for allowing me to be here. The CD is called Windows and Doors and Lang has added so much with his dedication and hard work. Thank you!!!


Tyrus Morgan
Independent Artist

Thank you for understanding the heart of this project. Nice beats and sounds! Let's continue to work towards "entering in" to His flow. Thank you.

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