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Live Performance Sessions

When you book a session, here's what to expect will be covered, what we'll do and what you'll come away with!

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Goals and Plan

My goals for you in a full day or multiple days session, are to help you develop your onstage performance so that you can be more effective in your shows and online performances, in gaining fans and making sales.  Whether you ever sign a “record deal” or any kind of agreement with a company to promote you for their and your benefit, this training will help you be able to gain lifelong fans based upon your live performances both now and in the future.


This approach is designed to allow for an adequate amount of time to create a full 1 hour - 1 hour and a half show.


The work that would be included in this will involve the creation of a unique set list for a full show, with you as the headliner or as your own unique concert.

Other smaller sets can be created from the master set (where you may be an opener, etc.), utilizing the moments we create in the master set. The choices for the shorter set/s will be based upon the event and audience you will be performing for.


We will create the set list to accomplish the end goal of taking the audience through the development of a relationship in such a way that by the end of the performance, the audience have become true fans of yours and will result in, “at event” and online sales as well as email contacts for current and future database development.


Daily Work Approach

Each day or single day, will include work in 3 basic phases on each song chosen to be in the set:

  1. Musical arrangement created to accomplish the goal of the moment/experience in the set that it is designed to accomplish; (ie., opener experience, fun experience, touching experience, etc.)

  2. Visual movement created for each song with the goal of helping the audience “connect the dots” between what they’re hearing and what they’re seeing so that they actually have an experience that creates the connection to you.

  3. Verbal pieces created for the places in the set list that they are needed; once again, based upon creating the connection with the audience; these are strategic and need to be done in the right places in the right ways to get maximum benefit.


Each day would involve 6-8 hours of work with an adequate stage area to enable movement to occur without restriction; an area similar to or larger in size to the areas that you’ll be performing in. An adequate PA will also be required for me to be able to hear you easily.



The amount of work required to build a 9 song/7 moment set is dependent upon how much work you want to schedule and we actually do. All of that to say that it could take 2 days or it could take more; it just depends on a number of factors so I can’t say exactly how long but I’ve done full shows in 2 days which is really fast and I’ve worked on shows that have taken 25 days.

Typically on the first day of work, we will create 2 moments.

If we schedule 1 day of work, I do my best to condense the process and although we won't get a full show/set list done, I will give you recommendations for the moments we won't be able to tackle due to the time constraints.


My suggestion would be 2 days to start in order for us to get into it enough that you get a good idea of the process and we get a decent amount of work done. Maybe we could get the whole thing done??! That would be great!


Final Thoughts

I hope that these points have helped you get an idea of what us working together on your show could be like. Working with artists on their performance  is one of the funnest things I get to do! It will be a creative and focused time on your music, songs, talent and expression, all with the goal of making you more comfortable and free on stage and with the outcome of more fans, more shows, more income and lots of ffulfillment!

Get in Touch

I'd love to hear from you and find out how I can help you  accomplish your goals with your show!

You can reach me at:



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