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Are You Getting Ready for Shows This Fall?


Hope you’re doing great and had at least a little time off this summer to relax and refuel your creative gas tank!

I worked with The Iowa National Guard back in June and had an absolute blast working with all of the talented folks serving there! I worked with 3 different bands, one of which was an all brass band that included a drummer, bassist and vocalist. Unique and challenging!

We created great arrangements and moments for the audiences with all three of the groups.

I’ve also been busy working on my own project with my wife Renee, called BlissBliss. Most all of that work has been online.

Have you ever felt like, "Crap! I really just want to PLAY our music rather than just work on marketing it!" Okay, calming down now....

Anyway... there’s a phrase that says, all roads lead to the stage.

I love writing and recording, seriously and I really enjoy when we can connect with people online through our marketing efforts, who love our music; that's very rewarding.

But I really love playing those songs I’ve written and recorded for audiences, even more!

With all of the musicians and singers I’ve worked with, that is true for the vast majority of them.

Maybe you’ve spent a bunch of time in front of a computer screen (like us), working on an ad for social media, or getting files zipped for download, or trying to get your graphics right on your website or writing emails to your friends and fans about your music...

Well, it’s kind of crazy that most of us will really do the work so that everything looks great online but then book a show and do one rehearsal and put the set list together right before the show.

I see those hands! Did I hear some throats clearing? 😉😄

A great show is a combination of planning and spontaneity.

It kills a show when everything looks and sounds canned; like everybody has perfectly memorized movement, speeches and interactions between songs.

But just as bad, and probably more frequent, is when an artist looks like they don’t know what’s next, they’re staring at lyrics, they introduce a song and it makes no sense, they ramble on and on, and they just stand at their mic the whole night because they’re too afraid to move because they think they’ll look like a dork or cheesy... pick your relevant term for embarrassed.

Your best show requires you spend time on it; planning it out, thinking about what you want the audience to experience, rehearsing it so you don’t have to think about it but also leaving room for things to happen musically and visually onstage that spontaneously are awesome!

I can help you do that.

Get a hold of me if you want to take your show to the next level.

I’m running a special discount for the rest of the month of August.

Get 10% off 1 and 2 Hour Online sessions!

If you’re interested, get a hold of me at:

Also, if you’re in the Orlando area, I’ll be speaking at, and also have a booth in the convention hall at Experience: Orlando 2019 worship conference from September 3rd-6th.

For more information:

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